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Teaching & Training

The doctors, nurses and staff of Riverside Medical Practice have a strong commitment to training.

All members of the team will undertake training from time to time, and we would ask for your forbearance and indulgence of this. Please remember, its ultimate purpose is to provide you with better care.

Video Recording of Consultations

From time to time you may be asked if you would agree to undertaking having your consultation recorded on Video Tape. Rest assured that at all times this is entirely voluntary, and your care will not in any way be prejudiced if you decline to do so.

Your written consent will be sought both before and after the consultation. The camera is unobtrusive, and you will very quickly forget that it is present. At no time will recording cover any intimate examination or similar.

The purpose of the video-recording is for the education and /or assessment of the Health Professional involved. It enables us to check that Consulting Style and Content is appropriate, and is extremely useful for ensuring good clinical practice.

GP Registrars

These are fully qualified doctors, usually of several years, who already hold experience of Medical practice within the Hospital Setting. They are undertaking a year or more of training specifically in General practice. They are supervised by a doctor within the practice at all times. They have a specialist GP trainer, currently Dr Kiln, who is assisted by Dr Mills.

Medical Students

Occasionally we have a medical student present with the doctor during consultation watching him/her working. We will always ask if you mind having a student present when you see the doctor. If you are not happy then the student will leave. Do not hesitate to tell us. We know it can be difficult to speak to the doctor when someone else is there.

At some stage, once the student has some experience, then we may ask you to speak to the student first, then the doctor will come in and see you.

Foundation Year Doctors

Occasionally we have a foundation year doctor working alongside us. This will be a qualified doctor in their first year of employment who will work directly under the supervision of one of the partners.

Specialist Trainee 1, 2 and 3

We often have a qualified specialist trainee doctor working with us. They normally have several years experience in hospital work and are with us for 12 to 18 months to complete their GP training.

Interested in becoming a GP?

Pease visit http://www.northscotgptraining.org/ for further information.

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