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Attend Anywhere – Terms of Use (Callers and Guests)

1. General

  1. These Terms of Use apply to your use of and access to Attend Anywhere as established by NHS NSS.
  2. In these Terms of Use:
    • Attend Anywhere means the suite of services, web-based management software and associated infrastructure provided by NHS NSS designed to help health and care providers offer video call access to their services as part of their day-to-day operations.
    • NHS NSSwe or us refers to The Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service (commonly known as NHS National Services Scotland or NHS NSS).
    • Provider means the health or care provider that invites you to use Attend Anywhere to access their services.
    • Provider Website means the website or other interface which the Provider provides to you to access Attend Anywhere.
    • Waiting Area means a way for you to participate in video consultations with the Provider to access health care services. You will enter a Waiting Area via a button on the Provider Website, and wait in your own private video room until a health care provider is ready to join you.
    • Video Room means a video room created for you as you enter a Waiting Area.
    • You or your refers to person who has been invited to and uses Attend Anywhere.

2. Your Acceptance of these Terms of Use

  1. These Terms of Use are legally binding on you and us. By using Attend Anywhere, you are deemed to accept these Terms of Use which govern our relationship with you in relation to Attend Anywhere.
  2. We may modify or amend these Terms of Use by including a modified or amended version in the “Terms of Use” link when you access Attend Anywhere via the Provider Website. NHS NSS will use its best endeavours to notify you of any changes to the Terms of Use via Attend Anywhere. You will be deemed to have agreed to any such modification or amendment by your use of Attend Anywhere following the date in which the modified or amended Terms of Use are posted in the “Terms of Use” link.

3. Requirements for Attend Anywhere

  1. Attend Anywhere requires your computer, telephone, internet access, device and associated equipment to meet certain technical levels (System Requirements) in order to receive the services. NHS NSS takes no responsibility for problems associated with or arising from your inability to access or receive the services due to your equipment or internet speed not meeting the System Requirements.
  2. Use of Attend Anywhere requires the use of a combination of hardware and browsers supported by NHS NSS (Supported Environments). Details of the Supported Environments are set out in the Attend Anywhere Technical Guide accessible at: https://nhs.attendanywhere.com/techguide
  3. Use of Attend Anywhere requires the use of audio-visual peripherals (visual displays, web cameras microphones/speakers or headsets) that are compatible with your device and operational.

4. Your use of Attend Anywhere

  1. You may only use Attend Anywhere and access the Video Room in the Waiting Areas if you have been provided permission or have been invited by a Provider.
  2. You may be subject to additional terms of use in relation to the services provided via Attend Anywhere by NHS NSS or third parties. If you decide to use these services you will be responsible for reviewing and understanding the terms associated with these services.
  3. We reserve the right to terminate your access to Attend Anywhere if you fail to comply with these Terms of Use.
  4. NHS NSS only provides access to Attend Anywhere and takes no responsibility for any health or other services provided to you through the use of Attend Anywhere.

5. Disclaimers

  1. Attend Anywhere is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. We disclaim any warranties, express, implied or statutory, that may be expressed or implied by law which are capable of being contracted out of regarding Attend Anywhere, including warranties of accuracy, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. We further disclaim any warranties regarding the security, reliability, timeliness, availability and performance of Attend Anywhere.
  2. Without limitation to section 5(a), we make no warranty regarding the ownership, continuation, suitability or fitness for use of third party intellectual property used in Attend Anywhere.
  3. We do not warrant that you will have continuous and uninterrupted access to Attend Anywhere or that Attend Anywhere will conform to any particular service levels or performance specifications.
  4. We do not warrant that Attend Anywhere is free of any form of harmful surreptitious code, virus or other contaminants. We do not accept any liability for any interference with, or damage to, your computer systems, infrastructure, software or data occurring in connection with Attend Anywhere.
  5. Attend Anywhere may contain links to other websites. You acknowledge and agree that we have no responsibility for the content or availability of the linked websites and we do not specifically endorse any organisation, association or entity referred to or linked from Attend Anywhere.
  6. You acknowledge that your use of Attend Anywhere is entirely at your own discretion and risk and, to the extent permitted by law, we expressly exclude all liability for any loss, damage, expenses and costs incurred by you in accessing and using Attend Anywhere, including but not limited to:
    1. use for a purpose for which it is not intended;
    2. the inability to obtain consistent, reliable and uninterrupted access to Attend Anywhere;
    3. damage or interference to any piece of hardware, software, equipment or device installed on or used in connection with your use and access to Attend Anywhere, or your internet data that arises in connection to your use of Attend Anywhere, its content or any linked website;

6. Copyright and trademarks

  1. Attend Anywhere including (without limitation) content, material text, graphics, information architecture and coding (including any copyright subsisting in them), is owned by us or licensed to us.
  2. Nothing in these Terms of Use shall be deemed to grant you any right, title or interest in Attend Anywhere.
  3. You may access Attend Anywhere where available, but may not, modify, publish, transmit, distribute, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works, or in any way exploit Attend Anywhere in whole or in part without the prior written permission of the owner of the material.
  4. Attend Anywhere may contain trademarks owned by us and third parties. You may not display or use in any manner any trade marks featured in Attend Anywhere without the prior written permission of the trade mark owner.

7. Governing Law

Your use of Attend Anywhere, and any dispute arising out of your use of Attend Anywhere, is subject to the laws of Scotland.

Attend Anywhere – Privacy Information

To access Attend Anywhere, NHS NSS may collect your first name, last name and your phone number. However, Attend Anywhere does not require you to create an account or to disclose these details. You are able to use Attend Anywhere anonymously, if that is permitted by the Provider.

Where a Provider does require you to supply your personal information to the Provider, this is governed by the Provider’s privacy statement. For more information, please ask your Provider.

We do not use, disclose or store any of the personal information you have provided prior to access of Attend Anywhere. Any personal information you enter is deleted from our system following the end of your Attend Anywhere session. This information is only used to identify you in the Waiting Area or Video Room or by the Provider during their services.

We do not record your Attend Anywhere consulting session; however, deidentified information about the time of your call, length of your call and similar technical data may be collected by us or our hosting services provider for the purposes of further developing and improving the Attend Anywhere service. We do not collect any information about the subject of your Attend Anywhere consulting session.

For further information on NHS NSS’s general Privacy Policy please see https://www.vc.scot.nhs.uk/attendanywhere/aa-privacy-policy/

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