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Home Visits

Riverside Medical Practice receives requests for home visits for general medical care from patients and their carers. The medical team will take a number of circumstances into consideration when they decide what type of contact to offer.

Frequently asked questions:

When is a home visit appropriate?

Clinical staff may feel that home visits are desirable for some people, such as those who:

  • have a terminal illness
  • appear seriously unwell where their condition may deteriorate during a journey to the surgery.
  • are known to be housebound

What time should I phone to ask for a visit?

If you think a visit might be required, please place a request before 11am whenever possible as this allows the doctors to prioritise patients accordingly. Late requests often lead to disruption of the appointment system and excessive waiting times for others.

What will happen if I request a visit?

If you request a visit, the Duty Practitioner will call you back to get details about the current problem and to prioritise work for the practice. Some problems can be dealt with by telephone advice, and in some cases it can be more appropriate to arrange a hospital attendance.

Why have I been asked to come to the surgery instead?

When practice staff treat patients, the assessment should occur as safely and efficiently as possible. For most people with medical conditions, the best way to receive high quality care will be to be seen at the surgery. Healthcare staff at the surgery have instant access to computer systems that a person’s medical records are on. The surgery also has dedicated facilities for examination, tests (including taking blood or performing heart recordings) and treatment.

The practice recognises that more people can be seen by a doctor when they visit the surgery. Approximately six patients can be seen in the practice in the time that it takes to make one home visit. So please help us to help you and our other patients by visiting the surgery whenever you need to be seen. Telephone consultations are also used to allow people to discuss matters with healthcare staff.

Any patient who has needs that warrant a home visit will always be offered one, although home visits are always at the discretion of the practice.

What about babies and children?

Babies and children should be seen at the surgery. If you think your child is unwell, tell the reception staff, as they will do everything they can to see that you are not kept waiting to see a doctor. Please note it is not harmful to take a child with a fever outside.

What if I don’t have transport?

Unfortunately, the Practice is not funded to provide a transport service. It is the responsibility of the patient or their carer to arrange transport to the surgery. If you do not have a car then please ask a relative, friend or neighbour to take you, or book a taxi.

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